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Aircraft Dispatchers and Schedulers

Comprehensive Training for Dispatchers and Schedulers

FlightSafety provides Aircraft Dispatcher and Corporate Scheduler/Dispatcher training that meets or exceeds regulatory requirements at conveniently located Learning Centers. When you train with us, you benefit from the unparalleled resources and experience of a company which has set the standard in aviation training for nearly seven decades.

Aircraft Dispatcher

This certification course enhances the capabilities of your flight operations or dispatch department, and helps individuals earn an FAA License to start or further an aviation career. The Aircraft Dispatcher, also known as a Flight or Airline Dispatcher, is responsible for authorizing and overseeing the operation of a flight from before takeoff to after landing. Often referred to as “The Pilot on the Ground”, the Dispatcher prepares flight plans, taking into account important factors such as weather conditions, fuel requirements, and potential hazards, with full knowledge of aircraft systems and FAA regulations, to ensure the safe completion of flight.

Corporate Scheduler/Dispatcher

Schedulers and dispatchers in corporate flight departments contribute to efficient and safe operations. Our practical, interesting, real-world approach results in usable knowledge and clear understanding of the subject matter, and is particularly relevant to part 135 operators. Most of the course content is often not addressed during on-the-job training, so such a training opportunity provides an excellent supplement to internal training. We present subjects with orientation toward how each affects daily flight operations from a scheduler/dispatcher’s perspective including common terminology, acronyms and abbreviations. An interactive, engaging learning experience results in valuable, relevant knowledge and practices that can improve any flight department’s professionalism, efficiency, and safety.

Flight Operations Training

Our Flight Operations Training Course for corporate flight departments enhances and upgrades the schedulers’ knowledge and skills. Part 91 operators will benefit from our practical approach to the Scheduling Function, Aircraft Capacity Utilization, and Flight Operation Management subject areas. Schedulers will benefit by improving on existing scheduling techniques, insight into principles and procedures corporate flight departments, and utilization of aircraft and crew services, and passenger relations. Also discussed are keys to building and maintaining better working relationships and other internal and external groups. Although prior initial training is not a prerequisite, some experience is assumed and beneficial.

Operations Control Specialist for Helicopter Air Ambulance

Being able to effectively identify and mitigate risk in real time is of paramount importance for Helicopter Air Ambulance operations. The Operations Control Specialist (OCS) for Helicopter Air Ambulance (Initial) course provides you with the many skills and techniques required to serve in the operational control support role.