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Customer Benefits

FlightSafety offers a range of programs and services designed to give our Customers every advantage. We never rest in our ongoing efforts to make our already industry-leading training even better. Our ongoing investment gives you the widest and most complete range of FlightSafety training benefits, services, equipment and locations available. We put Customers at the center of our services, adding value whenever possible. That includes everything from our Full Service program’s cost-savings and proficiency-enhancing offerings to the ultimate training services program: FlightSafety Platinum.

Full Service Advantage

Our exclusive Full Service Agreement – essentially a continuous subscription to our world-class training – locks in costs for a minimum of two years while delivering a broad range of training advantages.
Train to Proficiency
No additional cost for extra simulator time when available.
Multiple Training Sessions
Additional recurrent training on primary aircraft, no extra charge.
Multiple Aircraft Training
Recurrent training on second aircraft at no extra charge (second aircraft must be at a lower rate).
Reduced Cost on Third Aircraft
Initial or recurrent one-time training on a third aircraft at 50 percent of one-time cost, if Full Service cost of that program is equal to or less than the cost of the primary aircraft program.

FlightSafety Platinum

FlightSafety Platinum provides unmatched training services, customization and many other exclusive and valuable benefits. Platinum takes your training to the highest level – and beyond.

Benefit from highly customized evidence-based training scenarios for your flight department, based on your specific needs. Further personalize training with your choice of the finest instructors in the industry, at your preferred selection of Learning Centers. Train on your timetable with advanced and premium course scheduling.

Proficiency Protection

We offer business aircraft pilots who have become involuntarily unemployed recurrent training at no cost in an aircraft type they trained on under a FlightSafety Full Service agreement. As a technicians enrolled in the Master Technician program, you can receive the next course toward your rating Master Technician Award at no cost.

If you take advantage of this offer, you will not be required to repay the cost of the course, or to enter into a new training agreement once re-employed.

Download Pilot Application

Download Maintenance Application

Event-Based Maintenance Training

Purchase maintenance training for a specific number of events to be used over the length of an agreement term, to significantly save off retail pricing and fix costs for up to three years. This plan works well with budgets offering annual, semi-annual, or quarterly billing periods. It’s the most cost effective manner to train for the Master Technician program, or to be flexible if your requirements alter over time, due to aircraft or employees change.


The ProCard is a symbol of demonstrated proficiency and a commitment to excellence in the aviation community. When you earn a ProCard, you join an elite group of pilots in the industry who have consistently demonstrated peak proficiency. ProCards may be earned by Pilots who are training under a Full-Service, or 13-Month – 2-Event contract, as well as for those pilots training on a One-Time basis, Manufacturer’s Entitlement or Government Contract.

The ProCard is based on pilot proficiency, which is determined by evaluating a pilot’s total performance in the training course. This includes a demonstration of superior airmanship in the flight environment (simulator), use of sound crew resource management (CRM) skills, exceptional systems knowledge, and consistently exceeding standards defined in the FAA ATP / Type Rating Practical Test Standards.


Our exclusive SafetyStar initiative recognizes aviation professionals dedicated to excellence and the uncompromising pursuit of safety. This tribute honors pilots and maintenance technicians who aspire to the highest levels of proficiency. Pilots who have received at least eight consecutive FlightSafety ProCards, including one within the past year, and technicians who have achieved Master Technician certification are awarded the SafetyStar. To date, over 13,000 aviation professionals who train at FlightSafety have received the SafetyStar.

Life Insurance

Earn free accident insurance. It is issued to type-rated pilots of crewed aircraft who are Full Service professional pilots and who operate their aircraft with two FlightSafety trained pilots. You are first issued Accident Insurance when you earn a ProCard.